Soft Magnets Promise To Make Electric Motors 3 Times Lighter | InsideEVs

They are technically called “Metal Amorphous Nanocomposite Materials.”

Energy efficiency – either for electric or ICE cars – is achieved by one of these three pillars: mass, aerodynamics or powertrain. Researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University will be able to tackle two of these pillars at once with a new soft magnetic material they have developed. It would be able to make electric motors up to three or four times lighter. With the same performance.

The technical name of these magnets is “metal amorphous nanocomposite materials”. The magic, or else, the science on these soft magnets, is their ability not to heat up as much as common magnetic materials. That allows them to achieve higher RPMs when applied to electric motors.

By Gustavo Henrique Ruffo, August 16, 2019
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