Heres how to capitalize on the electric car revolution without buying Teslas stock | MarketWatch

The shift toward electric vehicles is often positioned as a slow crawl, with projections typically estimating that battery-powered cars won’t outsell conventional combustion engines until 2025 or 2030 at the earliest.

But analysts who currently consider EVs as a niche product risk the same embarrassing mistake as those who panned the original iPhone as too expensive or too different. The truth is that the electric vehicle revolution is already here, and mass adoption will happen much sooner than many think.

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A predicted superconductor could smash high-temperature records | Science News

Superconductors’ need for cool conditions makes them difficult to use. So physicists are on a quest to find a superconductor that can stand the heat, which could revolutionize how electricity is transmitted and save vast amounts of energy.

The newly predicted superconductor — a compound of hydrogen, magnesium and lithium — comes with its own complications, however. It must be squeezed to extremely high pressure, nearly 2.5 million times the pressure of Earth’s atmosphere, physicist Hanyu Liu and colleagues, of Jilin University in Changchun, China, report in the Aug. 30 Physical Review Letters.

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Electric aircraft propulsion offers quiet operation but big challenges The Engineer

Electrification is having profound impacts on the automotive industry. Electric aircraft may have a similar impact on the aerospace sector.

Attracted by the low weight and cost of electric motors compared with gas turbine jet engines, and particularly by their near-silent operation and potential for zero emissions, the civil aviation sector is showing increasing interest in using electricity to power future flight, at least over the relatively short distances that dominate city-to-city aviation.

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Usability Labs for Wireless Mobility

My near-term goal is building a public-private usability laboratory that demonstrates a practical Smart Grid to Smart Road wireless power system for vehicles that travel on land, sea, air, above and beyond. The facility will be open to hobbyists and experimenters that are registered supporters interested in exercising their latest designs of wireless powered scale models and of course full-scale remote and manned control vehicles.

Not Far Field, Not Near Field Power Transfer, but Midfield Wireless Power Transfer that is safe, secure, and resilient. Transportation Purpose-Built for Life in a Volatile World.

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