Zero XP: Untitled explores an electric future | Bike EXIF

A FEW SHORT months after Zero Motorcycles revealed its newest SR/F model, the California electric motorcycle manufacturer has unveiled the Zero XP, a custom build from Hugo Eccles of Untitled Motorcycles.

Last year, while the SR/F was in the final stages of development, Zero gave Hugo exclusive access to the pre-production prototypes and to their team of engineering and electronics experts.

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FIRST LOOK: Eviation Alice All Electric Commuter Plane Tour

Because putting a handful of the super-wealthy in an electric aircraft helps us all when the technology trickles down, like they always promise it does.

Really stepping up and owning personal responsibility for the mess we are in by helping common folk who can’t buy their way out of the worst effects of the climate change predatory capitalist corporatocracies led the charge in creating.

Who Wants to Kill the Electric Car This Time? | Sierra Club

IN FEBRUARY, Senator John Barrasso, a Wyoming Republican who chairs the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, introduced a bill to end the federal tax credit for plug-in electric vehicles and establish a new annual “highway user fee” for all “alternative fuel vehicles.” If the bill becomes law, these provisions of the Fairness for Every Driver Act would check off two high-priority boxes on the policy wish list of Charles and David Koch, the billionaire petrochemical barons who have built a fortune on the transport and refining of fossil fuels. And this is no coincidence.

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EvNerds: Open Source Axial Hub Motor For Electric Cars And Motorcycles

This Open SOURCE axial hub motor for two or four-wheel electric vehicles in this text is developed by OCCUPY CARS. The motor is only a part of full EV project that will feature open source electric motor controller, charger and battery pack. Occupy Cars is project. EvNerds is going to sponsor this project with media space. The project is so cool, that we feel like it is 2012. all over again when new DIY projects were popping out each day. There are little open source projects in EV space, so we decided, and encourage others to support OCCUPY CARS in their Goals.

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